L&E Robotics is a small but important part of the L&E curriculum.  It’s function is to

  1. Inspire STEM learning by demonstrating practical applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  2. Practical understanding of modern workplace standards of teamwork, creativity, documentation and quality assurance.
  3. Leverage diverse talents for a common, competitive goal and how to build trust in a team.
  4. To have fun and build friendships.

The L&E team is a part of the DigiPen/NASA/FIRSTDrAFT team (Team number 4559) and is comprised of 16 High School students from DigiPen and 4 students from the L&E Academy.  Between January and March 2014 we will be designing, building and operating a robot for entry into the 2014 FIRST robotics competition.  We’ll be meeting on weekends and using DigiPen’s extensive robotics laboratory to build and test the robot.  FIRSTWA Full Logo

In class we’ll be studying robotics in a series of modules.  These modules are intended to build confidence in the student’s ability to work with the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of robotics.  Additional learning may be accomplished by the student through independent study at home based on these modules.


Students will not be around high voltage or unusually dangerous conditions but batteries use corrosive materials and there are constantly sharp objects in the robotics lab and in the competition.  Whenever we’re building or experimenting with an hardware we’ll be using safety glasses.  In cases where we’ll be using any sort of power tools or soldering irons, the safe use of that tool will be reviewed before we begin.

To sign up as a student team member go to https://my.usfirst.org/stims/site.lasso and sign up for team 4559 as a new student.

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