We still don’t have our KoP so everyone divided up into sub-group (Brian calls them “fire teams”) to further plan and develop the design of the robot.

Brian started us off with a brief video covering the electronics of the robot and then asked the electronics fire team to begin planning the layout of components.  The programming group met separately (shown in the foreground of the picture) and quickly built a scale mock-up of the field, a white-box of the robot and included all the physics and controls to move the robot around the field.  At the upper right you can see L& E’ s own Ian, Bobby and Ian’s dad working on a team logo.   Our team also worked on dismantling last year’s bot so that we could have all the parts available for the electronics team to do the layout.

The KoP should be here early next week and we can begin construction in earnest. Bobby has signed up to be a part of the chassis assembly team so he’ll have a lot to contribute once the parts arrive.

Some of the DigiPen students have created a team blog site similar to this one at .  You are invited to contribute ideas, observations and thoughts about the project on this site.


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